The suitcase of dreams

The suitcase of dreams

A self awarenes workshop with psychodrama and group analysis

How do you get on with your dreams? Are you dreaming of the future?  Are you scared of dreaming? Or is it that you have no time for dreaming? Do you dream when you sleep? Do you trust your dreams?

Whatever the case, we offer you a chance to come closer to your dreaming self and explore the magic of dreaming.

The workshop applys to anyone who is interested to know themselves better as well as to psychodrama and group analysis trainees. It is based on a integration of the two methods.

Workshop leaders:

Dr. Smaroula Pandelis, psychologist - psychodramatist - writer of the book "Embracing my dreams".

Ilias Vlahos, psychiatrist - group analyst.

Athens, 28 & 29 January 2012, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

More info and reservations: 00306944533209