March workshop

Bridging the gap



Two day workshop with sociodrama

Bridging the gap

Athens, 31st March - 1st April 2012, 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

with Di Adderly (sociodramatist - psychodramatist - actress - trainer / educator)

This is an experiential workshop in which the participants will have the opportunity to explore the different roles involved in the existance of a gap in human communication. We will explore situations related to parent child communication as well as men - women, bosses - employees, partners, and groups in general where there may be a gap in communication.  Answers to what may help us bridge any existing gaps will be seeked. 

The workshop is open to parents, partners, employees, educators, trainers, therapists and psychodrama trainees. 

Very few sits are available so please contact Smaroula Pandelis 0030 6944533209 to reserve a place a.s.a.p. 

Certifiacate of attendance will be provided for those who need it.