Children's books
oi-peripeteies-tou-peri i-gata-mou-i-joulia oloi-aksizoume-stin-taksi

Three children stories written by Dr. Smaroula Pandelis



Pery's adventures

Pery is a boy that loves sweets but when he catches a cold he makes the mistake of drinking the whole bottle of cough syrop and gets into trouble! 

This is a story for ages 4 - 6 to help them understand the boundaries between dangerous and useful. It is a story that teachers may use as an educational tool for drug abuse preventative work. 


My cat Julia

Julia is a very demanding and impatient cat who loves to disappear and explore the neighbourhood.  

Jason just adores her!    

John the grosser's parrot has a strange relationship with her!   

One day Julia disappears and Jason runs away from school to find her.  

A big adventure starts!  

This is a story for children aged 7-9 to help them understand the value of rules and help them realize the differences among living creatures. 


Everybody is worthy in the class!  

A story that teaches children to respect diversity and cherish team work!  

Suitable for children aged 9 -11.