Manage your stress in exams

brain ruleman 

When you are in front of exams there are some basic things you can do to help yourself relax and succeed.   


Before you take the exam papers

1) Bring two people in your mind that love you and imagine they are wishing you good luck.  

2) Close your eyes and imagine yourself taking the exam papers, knowing the answers and writing them up with success!  

Sounds wierd? Well, our brain can be programmed and syncronized with our wishes! So stop moaning and concentrate on success!    

In front of the exam paper

1) Concentrate on your breath without critisizing it.

2) Realize that breathing makes your brain work as it brings oxygen to your brain!

Careful! There is no memory when there is no oxygen in the brain.  There is no oxygen in the brain unless there is breathing!  When we are anxious we usually forget to breath and then we just forget everything!   Amazing, Ah? So before you do anything with your papers, just breath!  Breath and relax.

Good luck !