Psychodrama workshop

Healing trauma


Athens, 19 & 20 October, 2013. 


Experiential psychodrama workshop with Christina Hagelthorn (Sweden)

Christina Hagelthorn is a psychodramatist and trainer, specialized in healing trauma and working with vulnerable social groups. She is once again in Greece to share her knowlegde and her therapeutic skills.  

If you are a therapist, student of humanities, therapist trainnee, or simply experiencing the consequences of trauma, this is a workshop that you may find helpful.  

What does it mean to be a neglected child?  

What does it mean to be a betrayed partner?  

What does it mean to be the employee of the year and next day lose your job?  

What does it mean to have to immigrate to some unknown land?  

What does it mean to lose your beloved ones?  

What does it mean to be afraid of the future?  

Psychic trauma is around the corner for all of us.  This workshop can help us explore our traumas and liberate our authenticity and creativity. 

Fees: 150 euros, until 3rd Oct. 120 euros, students: 100 euros. 
More info and bookings to Smaroula Pandelis: 00306944533209