Playback Theatre

Playback Theatre or Theatre of Spontaneity was created by Jonathan Fox, a student of J.L. Moreno (creator of psychodrama). It is a kind of theatre that aims to approach the emotions of the audience and give value to the unique personal experiences that each one has to offer by sharing.

The spectator is transformed from a passive receiver to an active co-creator of the performance. The conductor of the performance stimulates the audience and invites participants to contribute by sharing their personal experiences and stories.

The playback actors and the playback musicians are trained to enact the people’s stories by improvising with special playback theatrical forms.

photos by Kostas Lyberakis

Playback Theatre was not created to be performed only in theatres but in any place where people gather. It is a means for people to share and relate in a way that all members of the audience are important and anybody’s story can become everybody’s story.

A playback performance usually takes 1,5 hours and is co created by the conductor, the actors, the musician and the tellers of the stories. The audience can express emotions and thoughts about how they relate to the stories told.

photos by Kostas Lyberakis

The playback group “Playback Nuevo” is a newly founded company with the support of Dr. Smaroula Pandelis. It is a company mainly created by people who are not professional actors but are trained in playback acting. Playback Nuevo performs in schools, factories, institutions, companies and other alternative performance places like small coffee places and parks.  

For more information on workshops and performances please contact:
+30 210 7225538 and 210 6772069.