The book – SOCIODRAMA IN A CHANGING WORLD - is published

It is now available as a book or a download from Lulu – shortly also from Amazon

copies can be ordered
It is now available as a book or a download from Lulu – shortly also from Amazon. Copies can be ordered from here

Sociodrama and Action Methods are profoundly effective, used world wide and are based on the work of J.L. Moreno applied in organizational and professional settings. They are designed to develop professional effectiveness and more creative and productive working and living. Emphasis is placed on understanding how individuals, teams and organizations function; and on developing the practitioner as well as the theorist. The method and the training are experiential.

Sociodrama is a method to explore larger systems in society, organizations, institutions and human systems. The practitioner learns how to analyze systems and act as a change agent.
Action methods offer a wide range of techniques and approaches that draw on role theory, role training, sociometry and sociodrama in order to come up with highly successful training, planning and group management practices.

Sociodrama and Action Methods can be used to assist communication, negotiation, conflict management and team building; or to do stakeholder analysis, action research, strategic planning, career planning, and recruitment, predict outcomes or rehearse implementation. Practitioners develop their own skills for working with staff in their organizations and develop a structure for responding in new ways to issues in their work.

Sociodrama training workshops are open to therapists, managers, teachers, group leaders and are held regularly in Athens. Visit this site to get info.

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